Work Package 1

Development of drug delivery systems

Principal Investigator: Thomas Andresen, Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Technical University of Denmark

We are focused on developing innovative new solutions for transporting macromolecules into the brain and studying their distribution. Particularly we are focused on:

  • Research in nanocarrier systems for targeting the blood brain barrier
  • Research in nanocarrier systems that are sensitive to the microenvironment inside the brain endothelial cells or brain interstitium, obtaining target specific drug release
  • Development of new regiospecific conjugation chemistries for antibodies
  • Synthesis of new drug delivery carrier materials
  • Synthesis of new reporter molecules for investigating biodistribution and transport of macromolecules and nanocarriers in brain
  • Novel gene delivery systems for obtaining gene silencing or expression in brain endothelium
  • Understanding the role of protein adsorption to nanocarriers in relation to their biodistribution and pharmacokinetics
  • Characterization of nanocarrier systems in biological systems by electron microscopy
  • Investigating the role of glycocalyx in nanocarrier transport by electron microscopy
  • Optimization of pathological models for testing nanocarrier systems, including brain cancer.

Granted participants:

        Name Title E-mail
        Thomas L. Andresen       Professor
        Casper Hempel       Assistant professor
        Kasper Bendix Johnsen       PostDoc
        Sara Björk Sigurdardóttir       PhD student
        Martin Bak       PostDoc
        Serhii Kostrikov       PhD student
      Kasper Kristensen       PostDoc

Project contributors:

        Name   Title     E-mail
      Paul Kempen       PostDoc
      Jannik Bruun Larsen       PostDoc

      Anders Elias Hansen
      Assistant professor