Young Scientist Portraits

Here we will post a series of portraits of the talented young scientists that make the foundation of our research and who are devoting their PhD or PostDoc in the field of brain barriers and drug delivery.

Kasper Kristensen
Kasper Kristensen , Researcher
05. May 2020
Krzysztof Kucharz
Krzysztof Kucharz, Assistant Professor
16. January 2020
Mie Kristensen
Mie Kristensen, Assistant professor
07. June 2019
Eva Hede Olsen
Eva Hede Olsen, Research assistant
03. January 2019
Martin Bak
Martin Bak, PostDoc
06. November 2018
Burak Ozgür
Burak Ozgür, Research assistant
02. October 2018
Mette Mathiesen Janiurek
Mette Mathiesen Janiurek, PhD student
03. September 2018
Annette Burkhart Larsen
Annette Burkhart Larsen, Assistant Professor
01. August 2018
Casper Hempel
Casper Hempel, Assistant Professor
02. July 2018
Jonas Christoffer Fordsmann
Jonas Christoffer Fordsmann, PhD student
01. June 2018
Lasse Saaby
Lasse Saaby, PostDoc
02. May 2018
Maj Schneider Thomsen
Maj Schneider Thomsen, PostDoc
02. April 2018
Andrea Tóth
Andrea Tóth, PostDoc
01. March 2018
Sara Björk Sigurdardóttir
Sara Björk Sigurdardóttir, PhD student
01. February 2018
Sara is a PhD student (work package 1) working on synthesizing new targeting molecules for improving the transport of nanoparticles into the brain.
Charlotte Goldeman
Charlotte Goldeman, PhD student
14. December 2017
Charlotte is a PhD student (work package 5) working on developing and characterizing in vitro models of the blood-brain barrier using human induced pluripotent stem cells...
Nikolay Kutuzov
Nikolay Kutuzov, PhD student
29. November 2017
Nikolay is a 3rd year PhD student (work package 4) working on microscopic features of the blood-to-brain transport...

Kasper Bendix Johnsen
Kasper Bendix Johnsen, PhD student
19. October 2017
Kasper is a 3rd year PhD student (work package 3) working on a project regarding the transferrin receptor as a target for brain drug delivery...
Sarah Christine Christensen
Sarah Christine Christensen, PhD student
12. October 2017
Sarah is a PhD student (work package 2) working on characterizing receptor sorting mechanisms in brain endothelial cells...
Mette Aagaard Lund
Mette Aagaard Lund, PhD student
27. September 2017
Mette is a third year PhD student (work package 1) working on development of liposomes...