Young Scientists Network (YSN)

The Young Scientists Network (YSN) is a network for the younger researchers in RIBBDD. YSN's goal is to create an interdisciplinary research platform and establish a strong social connection between the young researchers in the initiative.

YSN representatives

  • Serhii Kostrikov from WP1: Development of drug delivery systems, PI Thomas Andersen, DTU
  • Andrea Tóth from WP2: In vitro investigations of brain endothelial cell receptor internalization and trafficking pathways, PI Morten S. Nielsen, AU
  • Lisa Juul Routhe from WP3: In vivo monitoring of nanocarrier transport and therapy in the brain, PI Torben Moos, AAU
  • Krzysztof Kucharz from WP4: Signalling at the NVU and BBB control, PI Martin Lauritzen, UCPH
  • Hans Christian Cederberg Helms from WP5: In vitro models of the neurovascular unit, PI Birger Brodin, UCPH